• Dental Savings has been acquired by iSmile
  • Flyers has acquired Fleet Express
  • ForeA has been acquired by Quest Technology Management
  • Richmond Wholesale Received a Strategic Investment from IMB Partners
  • Flyers Energy acquired Firebird Fuel
  • The Dentists Supply Company Joins Henry Schein
  • TRI HoldCo made a strategic investment in QQCW
  • Grow West acquired Hammer Trucking
  • Cascade received a strategic investment from Ottobock
  • Grow West has acquired Clark Trucking
  • Aisle1 has been acquired by Anabi Oil
  • Hogan Mfg., Inc. acquired Murray Trailers
  • IES has been acquired by Oaktree Capital
  • Flyers Energy has acquired Quick Fuel
  • Farmington Fresh has been acquired by Arable Capital Partners
  • Lock-N-Stitch has been acquired by Wartsila
  • Pacific Instruments has been acquired by Vishay Precision Group
  • Beck Ag has acquired Agra Business Solutions
  • Flyers Energy has acquired SKS Oil
  • Flyers Energy has acquired Goodspeed Oil
  • Flyers Energy has acquired Redwood Coast Petroleum
  • Flyers Energy has acquired Poma Oil
  • Flyers Energy has acquired Redding Oil Company
  • Bickmore has been acquired by York Risk Services Group
  • Strategic advisor to Villara
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