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Whitepapers & Reports

DCA Releases Summer 2021 Food & Ag Report

September 15, 2021|

We crunched the numbers and the results are in: despite challenges such as drought, wildfires, and COVID, the Food & Ag market proves itself resilient in 2021. DCA’s latest comprehensive report focuses on M&A activity in the Food & Ag market. This includes commentary and analysis on market trends [...]

DCA Releases Spring 2021 Energy Report

May 19, 2021|

DCA has released its M&A report on the Energy sector, providing commentary and analysis on market trends and recent transactions. This report covers: M&A activity in the Energy sector Public valuations & public comparables analyses Effects of COVID-19 on the market Renewables trends We invite you to contact us [...]

Maintaining Company Culture During a Merger

June 11, 2019|

Very few mergers or acquisitions fail because they were poorly conceived; they fail because they were poorly executed. One of the trickiest aspects to executing a successful merger or acquisition is what happens after the transaction closes. There are many systems to be merged: information technology, human resources, vendor [...]

Private Equity: Myths & Realities

June 29, 2018|

When it comes to private equity, misconceptions are abundant. Let's set the record straight. Private equity is a unique vehicle for financing. It's designed for private companies who require additional growth capital. Private-equity funds are run by professional advisors with operating experience. Capital is raised from limited partners, comprised [...]

Who Will Lead the Acquisition Process?

April 9, 2018|

Lou Holtz is well known for his quote, “In this world you're either growing or you're dying, so get in motion and grow.”  And in markets that have experienced recent consolidation, locally, regionally, or globally, strong growth is required to build and enduring company. Yet competing with larger players [...]

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