The Numbers Game

February 13, 2020|Whitepaper|

Why All Entrepreneurs Must Learn the Rules of This Game This is the golden age of entrepreneurship. From a college dropout with a brilliant business idea, to an excellent home baker starting an online bakery, entrepreneurs in the new millennium are changing the tides of traditional businesses. But with 50 percent of start-ups shutting their doors even before they hit the 5-year mark, the one thing that seems to deter some budding entrepreneurs is taking stock of the numbers that matter. Because numbers are the building blocks of a successful [...]

There’s No Time Like the Present

November 2, 2019|Whitepaper|

I’ll figure it out when I’m ready to retire, which is the day after never…. That is the response we get from small business owners when we ask how much their business is worth. The wealth of nearly two-thirds (70%) of all small business owners is tied up in their business. For many of those individuals, the business becomes the personal retirement savings vehicle. Those individuals, however, could be driving blind. Without knowing the value of the business, how will they know when they can stop working or the [...]

Preparing for the Future

August 22, 2019|Whitepaper|

Preparing for the future is as much about identifying market trends and understanding your customer base as it is about knowing where you’ve been. Healthy growth requires experience and a fundamental understanding of the nuances of your business. It’s your baby, after all, and is a reflection of your drive, passion and planning. You hope that each year, the business increases in value so that when it’s time to retire, your nest egg is secure. So then, what’s your business worth? Knowing the value of your business is the [...]

Maintaining Company Culture During a Merger

June 11, 2019|Whitepaper|

Very few mergers or acquisitions fail because they were poorly conceived; they fail because they were poorly executed. One of the trickiest aspects to executing a successful merger or acquisition is what happens after the transaction closes. There are many systems to be merged: information technology, human resources, vendor management, leadership structure, culture, sales strategies, and branding, just to name a few. Of all of these, however, one of the most critical is ensuring a cultural fit and establishing aligned post-closing interests among the parties. This is ALWAYS critical―but [...]

Financing Options

March 19, 2019|Whitepaper|

What if money was not an issue? Would you develop new products or services? Make an acquisition? Accelerate your growth objectives? Take chips off the table? These require a great deal of capital, but there are many financing options to satisfy them. The best option for your situation will depend on the size of your business, state of your industry, objectives for growth, and timeline. Corporate Stages & Available Types of Capital Financing is available for privately held businesses that are in five general stages: startup, expansion, growth, stable, [...]

Private Equity: Myths & Realities

June 29, 2018|Whitepaper|

When it comes to private equity, misconceptions are abundant. Let's set the record straight. Private equity is a unique vehicle for financing. It's designed for private companies who require additional growth capital. Private-equity funds are run by professional advisors with operating experience. Capital is raised from limited partners, comprised of professional investors. Each fund has an individual set of investment criteria, known as an investment thesis. The investment thesis formally explains what type of companies and situations the fund will invest in, including business sector and growth/maturity of the [...]

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