by Allen Pierce

Driving improved business performance will be one of the most challenging and rewarding things you will ever do in your career. Using this tried and tested 8-step process, you will prepare the organization for change, upgrade key leadership positions, reassess your strategy, create and manage a plan to close the gaps between what your strategy requires and how you operate today, and reinforce behaviors throughout the organization that are consistent with the new way of doing business.

The early stages of the plan require you to take actions that may be new and uncomfortable to you, and at times you will feel like you are shouldering the load all by yourself. Over time you will engage your management team in the development and implementation of the new strategy, and as their involvement increases the share of the load you need to shoulder will become more manageable.

Progress will seem slow at first, but as you implement quick hit revenue and cost improvements in the middle of the 8 step framework you will see noticeable improvements in company performance as your team builds buy-in to and enthusiasm for the longer-term strategic plan and vision.