Aired on Tuesday, June 23, 2020


Now is not the time to retreat–smart business owners know that now is the time to kick strategies into high gear to get ahead of the competition and access new markets. In this webinar, Curt Rocca will discuss why this is the ideal year to make strategic acquisitions, what financing options are available, and how to run a safe M&A process during a pandemic.

Learn what to expect in a typical acquisition process, including preparing the leadership team, setting measurable objectives, identifying targets, negotiating terms, and mitigating risks. Understand how to successfully integrate an acquired company to avoid post-close conflicts and headaches.

Presented by:

Curt Rocca

Curt Rocca is the Managing Partner of DCA and a seasoned chief executive with a background in leading high-growth organizations from inception to exit.

Larry Gilmore

Larry Gilmore is the Senior Director of Corporate Development at VSP Global. He leads a team in targeting, negotiating, and completing the full lifecycle of U.S. and international strategic transactions to increase the company’s growth and competitive advantage through acquisition.