Re-launched digital content is designed to improve user experience

Roseville, CA – DCA Partners (“DCA”) has launched high-quality content across various online platforms, in an effort to better serve its clients and the public. Subject matter primarily focuses on M&A best practices for business owners—such as business value enhancers and how to choose an acquisition leader—but also includes material on private equity and general business practices.

“We want to make sure business owners are armed with reliable information when it comes to making an acquisition, selling a business, or securing private equity,” said Curt Rocca, Managing Partner. “Educated leaders make smarter decisions that impact not only the wellbeing of their companies, but also the communities in which they work and do business, so we all win by helping others become more successful.”

DCA’s website ( has been re-designed to make it simpler for users to find relevant information—whether it’s details on an upcoming event, a recorded webinar, or whitepapers on M&A best practices. The implementation of a search tool and re-structured navigation menus, among other devices, allow users to access pertinent pages with fewer clicks. Content will continue to be added to the website on a regular basis and will be shared across social media platforms and via email.

“Our audience, like the rest of the world, absorbs information across various mediums, which is why we’re publishing not only long-form whitepapers, but also videos and short social media posts,” Rocca added. “You don’t have to dedicate 30 minutes to distraction-free reading in order to gain something valuable.” A wealth of first-hand insight is available via recorded seminars and webinars, which are easily accessible online.

DCA is committed to keeping resources free and accessible to all users.


About DCA Partners
Based in Sacramento, DCA is the Central Valley’s leading Investment Banking and Private Equity firm. On the Investment Banking side, DCA helps family-owned and other closely held businesses grow through acquisition (buy-side advisory), or maximize the value they receive in a sale of the business (sell-side advisory). Similarly, the Private Equity Investment arm invests in growing family-owned and other closely held businesses in a broad spectrum of industries. DCA can provide investment capital with very flexible structures for a variety of purposes, including growth capital, acquisition financing, and complete company buyouts.

Curt Rocca, Managing Partner
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