Recognized for $3.6 million in charitable giving via the Capital Cup

Roseville, CA – Curt Rocca, Managing Partner of DCA Partners, was recently awards the Easter Seals Pillars of Giving Award. The annual award recognizes members of the greater Sacramento community for their contribution to Easter Seals and other charitable causes throughout the region. Easter Seals’ mission is to empower people with disabilities by offering a wide range of services and leadership opportunities designed to encourage maximum independence.

“Curt and the entire team at DCA Partners have had a significant impact on the community through the Capital Cup,” said Gary Kasai, President and CEO of Easter Seals Superior California. “Since he founded the Capital Cup in 2015, it has raised over $3.6 million for local charities and non-profits—including over $200,000 for Easter Seals Superior California. This additional funding has had a tremendous impact on our ability to provide additional services to our consumers in need and ensuring the financial health and overall sustainability of our organization,” Gary added. “Easter Seals is honored to present Curt with the Pillars of Giving Award out of gratitude for this tremendous work.”

The Capital Cup is a Ryder Cup-style golf tournament in which 28 prominent business leaders fundraise and compete on behalf of their chosen charity. Easter Seals Superior California is one of 40 charities that has been supported by the event.

Easter Seals hosted a reception in honor of Mr. Rocca at Hawks Restaurant in September. The event was well attended by colleagues and friends of DCA Partners, Easter Seals, and members of the community.

Past recipients of the Pillars of Giving Award include Paul Robins, morning host of Fox40 News (2017), Molly Hawks, owner and executive chef of Hawks Restaurant (2016), Steve Fleming, president and CEO of River City Bank (2015), and Dave Lucchetti, president and CEO of Pacific Coast Building Products (2014).

“It’s an honor to be recognized by Easter Seals and humbling to stand alongside such well-respected former recipients,” said Curt. “Easter Seals is an essential part of the Sacramento community. Their work empowering people with disabilities deserves all the support we can give. My hope is that the Capital Cup will continue to enrich the vibrancy of the Sacramento community for many years to come. I’d also like to recognize all the players and event committee members who are the real magic of this event; without their commitment to the cause, it would still be just an idea.”


About DCA Partners
Based in Sacramento, DCA is the Central Valley’s leading Investment Banking and Private Equity firm. On the Investment Banking side, DCA helps family-owned and other closely held businesses grow through acquisition (buy-side advisory), or maximize the value they receive in a sale of the business (sell-side advisory). Similarly, the Private Equity Investment arm invests in growing family-owned and other closely held businesses in a broad spectrum of industries. DCA can provide investment capital with very flexible structures for a variety of purposes, including growth capital, acquisition financing, and complete company buyouts.

About the Easter Seals Pillars of Giving Award
Since 1922 Easter Seals has provided programs and services to children, adults, seniors and their families living with disabilities.  From day one our vision was clear: people with disabilities will have equal opportunity to live, learn work and play in their community.  Our success in making our vision a reality is only possible from the generous contributions from members of our community. These contributions be they donations, sponsorships, support, volunteering or helping with community awareness allows Easter Seals to focus on programs that enable independence and inclusion.  Established in 2014, the Pillars of Giving Award recognizes members of the greater Sacramento community for their contribution to charitable causes.

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