Market Update: YOY Q1 Comparison

As nearly all of us have probably experienced, our personal lives and work lives are fundamentally different now than they were a month ago. We are in the midst of change and are therefore experiencing the effects of that change in real-time. Over the next several newsletters we will be monitoring both the U.S. M&A and Private Equity markets, comparing month over month and year over year trends as it relates to both number of deals as well as amount of capital deployed.

As a baseline, we compared Q1 2019 with Q1 2020. As you can see in the chart, Q1 of 2020 didn’t look that much different from Q1 2019. In both quarters, combined deal flow resulted in more than $400 billion of capital being deployed, with 2020 seeing slightly fewer total deals being done, but with slightly more capital being deployed. As we continue to track the U.S. market, we expect to see the difference between 2019 and 2020 start to differ considerably in the coming months.

DCA Capital to Invest in Commercial Fire Protection Services

In addition to our commitment to investing in growth-oriented companies in our region, DCA Capital is actively searching for companies that specialize in fire extinguisher services, sprinkler systems, hoses, fire suppression systems, and exit and emergency lighting for commercial buildings.

Interested parties should email Justin Horner.

DCA Hosts Economic Update Webinar

Curt Rocca was joined by local experts earlier this month to discuss the likely impact of COVID-19 on the local economy. They covered the CARES Act, HR guidelines for employers, which industries are most at risk, and which industries are most likely to bounce back from the widespread closures.

Panelists included Sanjay Varshney, Sacramento Business Review; Heather Luzzi, U.S. Small Business Administration; and Kim Silvers, Silvers HR.

Risk Assessment Template

assessment templatePerforming a risk assessment of your business is critical in times of significant turmoil and uncertainty. Check out the following tool to assess your risk and develop an action plan.

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Workshare as an Alternative to Layoffs

We pulled together a summary regarding the best approach for a Company and its employees relative to the various benefits out there (e.g. Payroll Tax credit, layoffs, furloughs, workshare, Pandemic Unemployment Assistance, etc.). A local HR consultant concurred with the analysis and the conclusion.

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