January Newsletter: Private Equity Market Update and more

Private Equity Markets: Continued Strength into the New Year 2019 ended up being another extremely successful year for the private equity community, with U.S. PE deal activity topping 5,000 deals and a combined $650+ billion of deal value. While deal activity was down slightly from its record [...]

January 6, 2020|

September Newsletter: M&A Update (and more)

September 16, 2019|

M&A Activity Highlighted by Larger Deals, Favorable Market Dynamics M&A activity remains strong, with 4,929 M&A transactions having been announced year-to-date. While mega deals, including the $121B Raytheon / United Technologies merger tend [...]

August Newsletter: Investments at Work

August 15, 2019|

Who Invests in Private Equity? Private equity funds have a long history of generating high returns to investors, but they aren't available to the general public. We look at the individuals and institutions [...]

July Newsletter: Summer Snapshot

July 16, 2019|

Access Our Latest Webinar: Private Equity for the Sophisticated Investor Steve, Brenden, and Justin provide an in-depth look into how private equity works for investors, including structure, trends, returns, and more. Download [...]

June Newsletter

June 13, 2019|

Preserving Company Culture During a Merger Very few mergers or acquisitions fail because they were poorly conceived; they fail because they were poorly executed. One of the trickiest aspects to executing a successful [...]

May Newsletter

May 14, 2019|

You're Thinking about Making an Acquisition...Now What? Deciding who will lead a strategic acquisition is not easy, as the leader can make or break the success of the deal. In the video below, we [...]