Recent Investments

Our mandate is to acquire $2.2 billion of assets in 2022. Our capital belongs to one family, allowing us remarkable flexibility and responsiveness.

We invite you to contact us about becoming a potential Operating Partner.

Hotel Melby

Holiday Ranch

Quorom Business Park

Waterstone Apartments

Funk Flex

Nut Tree Plaza carousel

California Plaza exterior

University South aerial

Temple Garden Apts exterior

Exterior of Sunset Beach Apts

Exterior view of Edina property

Exterior of Vanderbilt One

1241 Ambassador Blvd. exterior

Institutional-Quality Capital without the Institution

Unlike institutions, we are known for being fast, friendly, and flexible.

Fast: We can typically provide an indication of interest within a week. Our dedicated team and streamlined process is designed to assess transactions efficiently.

Friendly: We are transparent with our Operating Partners and seek to reward them generously for the value they create.

Flexible: We do not have a defined duration, structure or “box” that we have to conform to. If we like a deal, we can adjust the structure to accommodate.