Family Office

DCA works with select high-net-worth families and companies to identify and evaluate attractive private investment opportunities across a broad spectrum of asset classes and industries.

Our approach is to identify and partner with the most experienced operators and industry experts who bring unique knowledge, experience, insight and expertise to each investment opportunity. We seek to work with the most talented and proven operating partners, and offer them attractive incentives for the value they help create.

Interested in becoming an Operating Partner, please contact us.

Independent Sponsor Transactions

Partnering with Independent Sponsors who have a proven track record for identifying and building interesting companies.

ESOPs and Management-Led Buyouts

Financing management buyouts and business succession plans that provide liquidity to the current owners, while enabling the existing management team to continue leading the Company—and becoming our equity partners—post transaction.

Real Estate

Acquiring or financing existing assets or ground-up development projects across a broad spectrum of real estate investment classes throughout the U.S.

Renewable Energy & Sustainability

Financing projects and companies focused on sustainability, environmental responsibility, and climate change.