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DCA Capital Partners, LP provides expansion capital to growth–oriented, middle–market businesses in underserved and rural communities across California and the Southwest, where such growth capital has historically been unavailable or difficult to access. The Fund provides promising later–stage companies, typically in the range of $10–100 million in revenues, with the additional capital and expertise needed to successfully expand and extend their businesses.


DCA Capital provides funding for the purposes of:

  1. investing in strategic and operational growth or acquisitions (growth capital);
  2. providing partial liquidity to business owners interested in diversifying their risk or retiring balance sheet debt (recapitalization);
  3. providing buyout capital to replace existing business partners or shareholders seeking liquidity;
  4. acquiring a controlling  interest in promising growth businesses (buyouts); and
  5. assisting companies with strong fundamentals experiencing short-term balance sheet stress.

The Fund will also invest selectively in divisional spinouts/divestitures and industry consolidation opportunities. In general, we look for great management teams whose businesses address attractive markets and have a sustainable competitive advantage. We strive to create a true partnership with company management by providing hands–on, board–level guidance through our fund management team and advisory board. The Fund draws from a deep bench of successful, industry–specific operating executives who we believe enable DCA to provide unique and compelling value to our portfolio companies, helping them to achieve their ultimate potential and maximum value.


DCA Capital invests in later–stage businesses across the primary business sectors prevalent in our region, including:

  • Business Services – transaction processing; outsourced services; financial services; marketing services; customer service management
  • Light Manufacturing and Distribution – light manufacturing and assembly (equipment, component, and product); packaging, logistics and warehousing; distribution
  • Healthcare – healthcare services; lab/diagnostic services; claims management/processing; information technology
    Retail and Consumer Products – specialty retail; for-profit education; consumer products
  • Media and Publishing – online and video content; web delivery software and tools
  • Technology – software; IT/managed services; devices; applications
  • Construction Services – specialty trade; management services; retro-fit; repairs and maintenance
    Sustainable Technologies and Services – energy efficiency (software and devices); renewable energy, and efficient production methods
  • Food, Beverage and Agri-business – value-added processing; natural, organic, niche and ethnically based products; health and wellness – nutraceuticals; logistics and support; agricultural services; related technologies and equipment

We are committed not only to identifying the most promising growth companies in the regions and industries we serve, but also to working closely with the executives of those businesses to drive significant long–term value creation for management, employees and investors.


We are further committed to investing responsibly, and enhancing the communities in which we invest. Accordingly, we are a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact and United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment and have adopted the Private Equity Growth Capital Council’s (PEGCC) Guidelines for Responsible Investment.






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