Our Clients Say It Best

  • In late 2003, I called DCA and said it was time for us to pursue a buyer. The next day, they were in our office in Vancouver, Washington, where they presented us with a selling strategy on how to proceed, the potential worth of the business, and who might have an interest in purchasing it. The process was not easy, but, DCA Partners’ diligent efforts alleviated the stress of selling the company. Their professionalism during negotiations literally changed my life. When a potential buyer asked, “How much do you want for the company?” Curt leaned forward, without hesitation, and said, “$30 million.” After what seemed to be the longest pause of my life, the potential buyers said, “That's a lot of money, but we can do it.” On May 11, 2004, the business sold. Without DCA Partners, we would not have been able to move the sale forward nor would we have realized the maximum payout. If you have a company and you need sound advice, DCA Partners knows the business of business. I can't recommend them highly enough.

    Ralph Laurie, Retired President, CAESY Education Systems

  • "When we were contacted by a potential buyer for our company, we knew we had a long way to go to get to a sale, and also knew we'd need help. We engaged DCA Partners, and we're so glad we did! After a few conversations, DCA negotiated a selling price that was, honestly, more than we would have had the confidence to ask for on our own, and they never once backed off of that number until the deal was done. That alone was worth more than their fee. Along the way, a lot of issues came up, and they made sure we understood all of them, and negotiated each of them to achieve the best outcome possible for us. A number of these issues were things we would not have even thought of, let alone understood the importance of, without DCA's involvement. In hindsight, it would have been foolish for us to try to navigate this sale on our own - I can't even imagine how different the outcome would have been, to our detriment. I hope this is the last business sale I ever go through, but if it's not, I can guarantee DCA will be involved in the next one!"

  • "Selling our business was a big decision. We wanted to make sure that we didn’t overlook any important details. When we decided to sell Golden State Collision Centers, Inc., we were fortunate to have DCA at our side to guide us through the process. They helped with every aspect of our sale from the initial conversations with the buyer all the way through to signing. They did a great job negotiating a price for our business, and offered key advice on topics we hadn’t considered. We would highly recommend DCA as a firm who has the client’s best interest in mind."

  • "During my acquisition of Wolco Business Systems, one of the professionals at DCA Partners was invaluable. His guidance was critical in helping me transition from an employee to an owner. He provided creative ideas and solutions throughout a difficult process, which ultimately ended in a completed transaction that satisfied both party’s needs. To this day he continues to provide Zoom with helpful business insights."

  • "When I decided to sell Tile Outlet, I sought assistance from one of the professionals at DCA Partners. He spent the time to really learn our business and how to best position the company for each type of potential buyer. His experience, attention to detail and extensive knowledge of the selling process gave me great comfort and confidence throughout the engagement. His creative solutions and tenacity resulted in me getting a tremendous deal. I would highly recommend him to any owner that is considering selling their business."

  • "Given we are in a service business, we set the bar high for providing exceptional service to our clients and we expect nothing less from the companies with whom we do business. When we felt it was time to put together a proactive, strategic plan to ensure the future success of the firm, we turned to DCA Partners. DCA gave us that, and more. DCA analyzed our firm as if it were their own business. They immediately learned the intricacies of our business and the industries and markets we service. DCA not only worked with us during the planning process, they stayed with us through implementation which is a critical component to any plan’s success. DCA’s commitment, dedication and knowledge were exactly what we needed to help drive us forward. We now consider DCA to be a trusted and valued member of our firm."

  • "DCA Advisors has assisted our firm on multiple occasions to successfully evaluate and consider significant business initiatives and opportunities. DCA provides highly valuable, unique and professional input that is always directly on topic. The DCA advisors are extremely skilled at listening to our concerns and objectives and providing creative and flexible solutions to address the relevant issues. DCA’s participation has allowed us to focus the opinions of our very diverse and independent group of professionals, and has proved to be a significant component in our successful expansion. While many firms that provide strategic guidance and advice disappear once the plan is drafted, DCA stayed with us through implementation and annual reviews to ensure our success. We highly recommend DCA and its planning advisory group."

  • "We engaged DCA to help us evaluate acquisitions as a component of our growth strategy as well as reorganizing company resources along independent product lines. We also sought their guidance regarding stock-based employee compensation and corporate structure. Their guidance has been invaluable from strategic planning to buy-side M&A assessments. Simply, they have helped us run a more efficient and profitable business. Thanks to the guidance of our entire DCA team, we are a stronger organization."

  • It is difficult to convey the respect and admiration we have for DCA. It was apparent from day one that we had engaged more than a firm with uncommon integrity and dedication to service; top to bottom, the staff at DCA was always knowledgeable, understanding, and responsive to our needs.

  • "Innovative, insightful, and influential are terms that come to mind in reflection of our experience with DCA. My experience with DCA has always been productive, and their experience and knowledge spot on."

    John E. Chaquica, President, George Hills Company, Inc.

  • In today’s highly competitive operating environment there is no margin for error. By utilizing the expertise and resources of DCA Partners, we were able to remain focused on our core business and achieve strategic business objectives that otherwise would have been very challenging.

  • "In addition to helping us assess the most strategic ways to allocate our limited resources and design transaction structures to increase those resources, they helped us implement tough choices while maintaining a positive working relationship with all of our stakeholders — including our bank."

  • "We first worked with DCA Partners in 2001, and they have had a tremendous impact on our business. From sales plans to management coaching to financing strategies, they have helped us effectively manage our way through rapid growth, and have also helped us work through some more difficult times. Whatever the issue, I consistently feel like we are their most important client, and I have the greatest trust and respect for their advice and counsel."

  • "When I need business or financial counsel, my first call is to the team at DCA Partners. Their professionalism, talent, and commitment to their clients are impeccable. I have never been disappointed."

  • "When we needed strategic guidance and financing help, DCA was the logical choice. They helped us secure difficult financing at attractive terms and played a critical role in the turnaround of our company. Their strategic thinking and practical approach to problem solving have made them one of my most trusted and valued advisors."

  • "Our successful turnaround isn’t just the result of the capital DCA provided, but is also rooted in a strategic direction that was set with substantial help from DCA. Their support and counsel has been not only extremely valuable, but consistent, ongoing and deep. DCA and their team of advisors provide a depth of expertise that spans all areas of our business."  





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